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Trash is being thrown on the streets constantly. People throw trash out of their car windows, on the ground when walking, and countless other places. To many, this may seem harmless but these actions are shockingly deadly to some species. Are you a part of this daily act that is seemingly harmless?


Whom this affects:

Sea Turtles are one of the main marine animals being affected by our daily waste. About 50 % of Sea Turtles are dying from ingesting plastic. Why? They mistake it for food. It’s important to correct these mistakes before we unintentionally end the lives of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of Sea Turtles. Humans are also affected by the plastic pollution because all the toxins from the plastic/trash that are dumped into the ocean, are digested by marine animals, and we eat them so it’s passed onto us. These toxins found in fish and other seafood, and are known to cause birth defects, cancers, and other serious health problems.    


What’s really in our Water Supply?

Chemical waste is being dumped into lakes, rivers, oceans, etc. Groundwater can also easily find its way into oceans, streams, and rivers, thus finding its way back to us. There are a couple of harmful things found in tap water including Arsenic, Aluminum, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Chlorine, Fluorine, Hormones, Nitrates, and Pesticides.


Air Pollution and How it Affects us?

If we can all agree on one thing when it comes down to breathing it is our top priority. One of the leading causes of asthma and other respiratory problems is Air Pollution. Factories who put off smoke, Trains, Big Trucks, and Planes are responsible for Air Pollution. There are more causes including the burning of gas, that affects our precious ozone layer. When Carbon monoxide, Sulfur oxides, Nitrogen oxides, and Lead, is released into the air because of the smoke, they trap the heat into the earth’s atmosphere, and that causes Global Warming.