Students Need to Be More Respectful

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Damariay Crooms, Sandpaper Staff Writer

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It is known and witnessed first-hand, that teachers are being disrespected and dishonored by students, particularly in high school. The dis-respectfulness comes from the students not getting their way. That is when they get their phone taken away, sent outside, to the office, etc. We all know a person or a friend that doesn’t go by the rules and ultimately ends up in a situation where they find themselves being hostile towards staff at school. So why not hit home and fix it? The truth is, no one will ever get anywhere being rude to teachers or anyone in general. It is time for a change, to be self-aware and I have a few ideas on how we can do that.

Teachers want nothing more but for us students to be prepared for life. To see us succeed through all the obstacles that will be thrown at us in life. And for them to devote their lives and time to teach us all these aspects is something that should be repaid in respects and not pushed to the side and treated like nothing.

Firstly, to fix this issue, we have to think about the consequences and check what we are getting ourselves into. We must ask ourselves “ Is this even worth it? Is this even that serious?” and I guaranteed we would have a huge turn around in this area of the problem. Most students don’t use their heads, for example, some just simply get told something and they automatically react rudely without any thinking. Give some thought in every situation and make your life much easier by not being rude to adults as that is the way to go.

Secondly, we should think of adults at school as if they were adults in our family because in a way it’s almost the same so it should be the same level of respect at school and home. You wouldn’t want your mom being a teacher and being disrespected by the kids when she or he tries to devote to teaching. So maybe we shouldn’t do it to the next person’s mother. The moral of the story is teachers need to be respected and treated how they deserve because really they just want to bring greatness out of us, students. In conclusion students should watch how they talk to school staff and teachers considering the fact that you would not want someone talking to your relative in that manner would you?