Ms. Arias, AVHS Spanish Teacher

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash

Madelyn Ventura, Sandpaper Staff Writer

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Ms. Abigail Arias is one of the Spanish teachers here at Antelope Valley High School. I am one of her students that attends her Spanish 2 Honors class. The environment in the classroom isn’t the usual, awkward, or stressful, it is comfortable and positive. Although I must admit that the first day I entered I was a little intimidated by Ms. Arias, but after a while, I felt comfortable and began enjoying being in her class. As I observe the class every day, I could see that she truly enjoys what she does, she doesn’t seem obligated. Ms. Arias’ class is not like your other classes, her class is very calming, you don’t feel pressured to learn the material quickly. What I personally enjoy the most are the reviews on Kahoot that we do.

As I went into the Computer Lab at AVHS, I asked Arias if I could interview her and she gladly accepted, and with that, I began my interview.

Ms. Abigail Arias was born and raised in Sinaloa, Mexico, she described her childhood as nice, despite growing up limited, she was able to have an innocent childhood. Her father worked sometimes, her mom was into cosmetology and had people come over to her house to gets haircuts. As she was limited, she would sell lemons from the lemon tree in her backyard, to make money herself. One of her favorite memories was going to the fair that was out of town. She liked the Ferris Wheel and enjoyed the really good churros. The fair was a huge deal for her that sometimes a certain smell takes her back to the days she visited the fair.

She always wanted to become a teacher but not specifically a Spanish teacher, she majored in Psychology but also got into Spanish. Ms. Abigail Arias remembers being really nervous when she first began teaching. She thought it was gonna be crazy due to what other teachers have told her. With a smile, Ms. Arias expresses that She likes her job and has never woken up feeling negative about coming to school.   

This is the 4th year that Arias has worked at AVHS, her first thoughts of the school from the outside were that it looked normal. People described AVHS as a bad school compared to the other schools, so she had a general idea that the students needed academic help at most. Arias expresses that she admires the different environment that students output every year, and how she likes her colleagues at the school. With a look of sincerity, Ms. Arias describes how she genuinely enjoys being with the students at AVHS and appreciates the schools very nice environment.

As I concluded the interview I noticed that she really likes to joke around with the students in her class. I can honestly declare that I have never seen Ms. Arias act or respond with a negative attitude or have a bad day in general, and that is something to appreciate her for.