Mr. Calculus

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Mr. Calculus

Photo Courtesy of Jorge Gomez

Photo Courtesy of Jorge Gomez

Photo Courtesy of Jorge Gomez

Jorge Gomez, Sandpaper: Managing Editor

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It’s early on a Thursday morning at AVHS, and the classroom in the narrow hallway draws near, as my walking speed begins to increase. Looking through the classroom’s tiny window, it becomes apparent that he isn’t there at the moment, yet it doesn’t take away from the interviewing process at all.

A few minutes later, Rozmy Miranda, a mathematics teacher here at Antelope Valley High School arrives. As all the students start to get into their seats, I greet him with a good morning, to which he does the same. After making my way past the few students left in the doorway and settling into my desk, I peer up and see that Mr. Miranda, who is sitting near his desk, is finishing his work. The classroom, littered with various papers on the walls and stationary computers, is a noticeable change for Mr. Miranda, being that his classroom is usually littered with only math papers. Seeing his walls and computers, however, it’s evident to me that he is the Robotics advisor here at AV, as well as a teacher in Computer Science, and Calculus. At his desk, the two of us struck a conversation about the subject he teaches and his personal life. Below is the entire conversation between us.

Outside of teaching, What do you like to do? In other words, Do you have a hobby of interest?

Most of the time, when I’m not teaching, you can probably find me at the gym lifting weights. On Fridays, I take a fencing class. Then on the weekends, I like to hang out with my friends and play Dungeons and Dragons.

Did you consider anything before teaching? If so, why?

When I started my Math degree, I considered becoming an engineer or a data analyst. It was just something that had sparked my interest. I always liked looking at numbers, big tables and transforming values, so I naturally gravitated towards it.

If you could change one thing in your life, What would it be?

I feel like I’m pretty content with the way most things have transferred out so far. It’s not a matter of changing so much the “pieces of my life” as it is just looking forward to the next step that I take and making that one better.

Were you prominently known around your community and school for anything?

I would say that I was most prominently known at school for being valedictorian of my class.

Do you have friends from high school that you still talk to today? If so, do they still help you even to now?

Yeah, I have my best friend. He’s been my best friend now for close to eighteen years and although he moved to Florida, we still keep in contact fairly regularly. I can’t say that we help each other as much as we did when we were younger, but I definitely feel like he’s somebody that would be there if I ever need support.

When you were studying for your profession, Did the time period at which you were studying in, influence you to be who you are today?

I believe so. I think that my time frame of studying was a little non-standard so it definitely gave me the grit that I needed in order to face the challenges that I would later come across in my workplace and in my life.

After having taught your subject for so many years, How much do you think your teaching has influenced those around you? Do you have a notable example?

Haha yeah. Just ask my students!

Have you ever used your profession outside of school besides teaching? If so, how?

I mean, not specifically for anything, but the notoriety that one gets when your in the profession allows it so that, you know, the down-the-line members of the community recognize you for who you are so, I get plenty of discounts at places where my former students work so, that’s pretty awesome, hehe.

What challenges did you face before being in the position you are now?

Uh yeah, I faced a lot of challenges during my childhood and teenage years. My household was kind of in a rough spot, both financially and in terms of sociability like …um… you know it was just a rough time growing up so, that’s pretty much all I care to say about that.

Where do you see yourself in the future, say in five years?

Well, I’m going to be king of the world! So… hehe, but in a more serious note, five to ten years down the line, I definitely see myself advancing my professional career in a more directive path, and I don’t know, maybe pursuing other interests that I hadn’t yet pursued like …science…and finishing maybe my Masters Degree that I started, but never got the chance to finish.