Immigrant Farm Workers

Photo Courtesy of Pexels

Deven Gilardone, Sandpaper Staff Writer

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We’ve all seen them in the fields working hard to make a living. Immigrant farm workers are the reason farmers are able to keep their farms running because no one else wants to do these jobs. These workers, mainly from Mexico, came to the U.S in order to have a better life and they do the work no one else will do on these farms. Immigrant workers are treated very unequally compared to the rest, farms pay lower wages and some farms pay by how much they have picked in the field. These workers do not have benefits and a good portion of them are paid under the table, most of these workers are illegal immigrants just looking for work to better their family in the U.S or in Mexico.

Farm workers are the backbone of the Agricultural Industry without them the U.S economy would struggle. Day in and day out you can find these workers in the field either preparing for a crop, preparing for a crop harvest, or harvesting the crop for the farmer.  Working in the fields is hard and a lot of these workers have some type of injury mainly in their knees and hands from climbing up and down farm equipment and constantly using their wrist. Workers do a lot of the back-breaking work in the fields and in the shops, while tractor operators and other jobs in the agricultural industry aren’t as hard on the body as the fields are. Working twelve hours a day for 6-7 days a week is the life of many of these workers.

Without the farm workers, farms would simply have a hard time getting everything done. The people that are seeking asylum in the United States at the border are just trying to make a better life for themselves. The states should bring these people in and set them up with jobs on farms because that work never runs dry in the United States. Farms might pay less than other jobs but these jobs need to be filled and these are the perfect jobs to start for immigrants coming to the U.S. These immigrants are important to the United States and especially to farmers because farmers rely on them to do a lot of the work while the farmer does what he/she needs to do.

Many will disagree with having immigrants and illegals come in. But if you ask farmers they will tell you that these people are very respectful and hard working for what they earn. The U.S will always need immigrants, immigrants fill the jobs that no one wants to do and they provide the U.S with a stronger economy. Farmers will always hire immigrants because of the large amount of work there needs to be done in farms. Plus the new generation of Americans has become very lazy so we really on the immigrants to do our jobs.