Should Decorating our Graduation Caps Be Allowed? Yes They should And Heres Why…

January 29, 2019

It’s been a long time waiting and the argument has finally come. Being in high school for four-years and being about to graduate but you not being able to decorate your Graduation Cap is a big disappointment. We’ve come so far with so much inspiration and we want to be decorative with all the things that have helped us.

       Yes we understand that being able to do anything in school is a privilege, but it is a privilege that many of us have earned. We’ve worked so hard to graduate and make our parents proud of us because we did something that will help us grow.

       Should be the start. Many schools in the Antelope Valley have been able to do this with their graduating classes.

       Elizabeth Zurita who is a Highland High School graduate class of 2018 is presented in the image above. She states “ I loved that we were able to decorate our caps because I was able to put a quote from my favorite rapper that has help me throughout my years in High School. It was an inspirational quote that inspired me and will continue to keep doing so throughout my years.”

        Graduation caps, if we could decorate would of course be checked and be school appropriate. Yes it is a timely process but it would be such a cool idea to be able to put something on there that you love. Putting something that you will forever remember because it was a day that you felt proud of what you did.

        Many seniors have been upset because they wanted to put something that they truly cared about like their culture. Yes it is a ‘District rule’ but schools make their own decisions and it should be a decision that Antelope Valley High School should take.

       This year should be the year that they take a chance and let class of 2019 decorate their caps. This year could be a test run to see if the following graduating classes could also decorate theirs.

       Brandon Villareal is a senior at Antelope valley high school and he believes “Well you know, it sucks they don’t let us express ourselves and it’s our graduation so we should be allowed to do it. We do pay for our own cap and gowns so if we wanted to, we should be able to.”

       Let’s fight for something we want and if we try hard enough it might just come true. Our accomplishes come once in a lifetime but stay with us forever. Our cap and gowns will forever be apart of something that all graduating classes will keep, and decorating our caps will be something that all group of friends can do together and it will be an unforgettable memory.

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