AVHS Girls Varsity Soccer Makes History

Photo Courtesy of Sandpaper Staff

Emma Holt, Sandpaper Staff Writer

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For the first time in history, here at Antelope Valley High School the girls varsity soccer team made the playoffs. With all of the excitement and cheers, the girls cannot forget their main focus. Going into the playoffs with an overall record of 10-10-3, the central focus is to come out strong and at least make the second round.

The girls have put in hard work and dedication to come this far. They have practiced everyday for about 3 to 4 hours. They even sacrificed their weekends, to try to make it to playoffs.When it comes to their practice they don’t just just focus on the hard stuff there is much more to it, practice consists of many other things. That is, not only do they practice drills and plays to use during the game, they take it all the way back to basics: passing, dribbling, shooting, etc. The most important skills in soccer are your own tactics and knowing how to use them on the field and working as a team to accomplish goals.

The girls have their wildcard game scheduled for Monday, February 4th. They will be traveling to a school located in Victorville named Silverado. Silverado’s overall record is, 9-7-6. Since this game is a wildcard game, it will determine if the girls make the first round of playoffs. AV is so proud of the Lady Lopes in Varsity Soccer and wish them the best of luck!