Bathrooms Are Not For Artwork!!

Photo Courtesy of Sandpaper Staff

Aaliyah Young, Sandpaper Staff Editor

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Antelope Valley High School has a reputation for being the roughest and dirtiest high school in the Antelope Valley for decades. The vandalism in the halls, stalls, doors, books, etc, adds to the image depicted on our school. The girl’s bathroom is a prime example of vandalism. It is disturbing and unladylike to view the “artwork” these students leave.

Walking in the restrooms you see many drawings, puns, messages written to students, and vulgar/sexual pictures. Young ladies should not be spending their time in a restroom, whose purpose is for usage only, not to draw- that is for art class (which is offered at Antelope Valley Highschool). Leaving pictures of body parts or ugly faces is childish, people just need to grow up.

The messages left on the stall doors are, “Slut Shaming”. The discrimination of women is already a huge problem in society today, so why contribute to that and write it somewhere where people can see it? Plus, they make sure to include the victim’s names. That is an act of bullying; you’re breaking down self-esteem and exposing personal information for everyone to see.

Ambar Zamuria, a sophomore at Antelope Valley High viewed the issue as “disappointing because the janitor puts a lot of work into cleaning and students are just coming in there to vandalize it”. Not only is the janitor cleaning and scrubbing off the permanent marker used to graffiti, but the school has to continuously pay for the walls to be repainted. That is money that can go to new books or supplies for the school. The cycle will always continue if these young women continue with their acts of immaturity.

A way we can influence a change in these students for the better is by reaching out and explaining why their actions are wrong. Teaching them that graffiti and vandalism is an offense that can get them in trouble. If that approach doesn’t work, doing something that’ll grab their attention is the way to go, and that is taking out the mirrors from the restroom. That can be an act of discipline and will make them stop vandalizing because every girl stops to check their hair, makeup, and to take pictures. Antelope Valley High School needs a change and we can start by distributing right from wrong.