Disney/Marvel Hollywood Takeover

Photo Courtesy of Pexels

John Revis, Sandpaper Staff Writer

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Walt Disney Studios is a family-friendly company, that makes movies, cartoons, books, music, and even video games. Their groundbreaking animation and storytelling in movies have gone on to become classics in animation and movie history. Movies such as, but not limited to, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Hercules, Robin Hood, Peter Pan and so many more classics that many of us have grown up with. But for me, the Disney Movies I grew up with were the Marvel Studios or The Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) started in 2009 after Disney bought out Marvel, soon after they attempted a series of interconnected movies known as “Cinematic Universe”. Many didn’t attempt it because they thought it would fail or just couldn’t be done, but Marvel succeeded. Since then Marvel went on to become a household name along with the characters in their massively successful Cinematic Universe. Characters, who before, were nothing close to as popular as they became after the MCU, began receiving much more attention such as Captain America, Hulk, Thor and especially Iron Man which was the movie/character that kicked off the MCU. Every Movie in the MCU with the exception of the Incredible Hulk in 2008 grossed 500 Million to 1 Billion Dollars, with over 20 movies the MCU is the biggest and most profitable movie franchise of all time and is one of Disney’s most valuable assets. Since the MCU massive success, Disney has started buying out other movie studios and their assets, such as Fox and possibly Sony. Fox which is currently being bought out has had the rights over many of Marvels comic book characters such as X-Men. Fox has made multiple X-Men movies that have been not so successful, but Marvel is soon about to get their characters back and will most likely reboot the characters into the MCU.

One of the newest additions to the MCU is the web-slinger himself SPIDER-MAN! In 2015 Marvel had successfully come to an agreement with Sony to have Spider-Man in the MCU after Sonys multiple failed attempts at creating a franchise with the webbed wonder. Sony ruined it when making Spider-Man 3 in 2007 which although was successful in the box office, the Franchise wasn’t and went downhill. Sam Raimi who was writing the original script for Spider-Man 3, after the massive success of Spider-Man 2, was forced by Sony to include the villain Venom which was very popular then, but complicated the script and forced Raimi to take most, if not all of the villains and storylines out of the movie except for Sandman and add new ones.

Sony did not give up and continued their franchise, and in 2011 they rebooted the series and released in 2012 The Amazing Spider-Man and in 2014 The Amazing Spider-Man. Another movie that they released in 2018 revolved around the villain Venom. Despite having NO connection to the web-slinger it was a box office success and a sequel is already in the works! The best movie based around the lore of Spider-Man is an animated movie released in 2018 called Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The movie had core messages and beautiful animations that earned it an Oscar for the best animated feature of 2018 which is a big achievement for Sony especially given their questionable past with the web-slinger.

Though even with the success of Venom and Into the Spider-Verse, most believe Sony will be in a position to be bought out by Disney. Some believe that Disney will eventually buy out all movie and tv studios, but is that a good or bad thing? In my personal opinion, Disney in its core is a family friendly company, they’ve created many movies that I’ve grown up with and adore. If they were to become the biggest and possibly only real power in movie and television in Hollywood, they would never do or be in a position to where they’d need to be stopped or to where their properties and assets would have to be taken away.