Prom Fashion Show

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Prom Fashion Show

Photo Courtesy of Aaliyah Young

Photo Courtesy of Aaliyah Young

Photo Courtesy of Aaliyah Young

Myka Colquitt, Sandpaper Editor

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On March 29th, 2018, Antelope Valley High School had their annual prom fashion show. The prom fashion show was to give students an idea of what to wear on prom day for them to look as stunning as the people above in the picture.

To have participated you had to introduce yourself to the Junior Senate class and signed up for the show. Throughout the process of the fashion show you had to bring your own clothes and have them approved by Ms. Arvizo or the Junior Senate President as of 2020 Michelle Tovar. Within the process, the participants had to write a small biography that consisted of their name, age, grade, involvement in the school, and future aspirations.

On the fashion show day all female participants were required to get dressed towards the end of third period while male participants were expected to dress during the start of fourth period.

The rally began at lunch with MC Shermaya Evans introduced the show and models in the following order:


Daysi and German

Miriam and Jazmin

Deborah and Damian

Samantha and Charles

Kenya, Brian, and Maya

Jasmin and Jennifer

Rebeckah and Kevin

Karen and Hector

Francis and Alexis

Mechelle and Rose


The students showed off their trendy dresses and showed students what they could possibly consider while shopping for prom dresses and suits. Many students were proud to give people during the assembly what the expected attire was. Charles stated, “I set a positive example and I felt like a good role model,” Hector also said, “It was nice to participate in.”  Will you consider participating in the 2020 Fashion show after this?