The Fantasy is Here

Jamie Holley, Sandpaper Staff Writer

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Dragun Beauty was finally released on the 25th of March. This cosmetics brand was created by Youtuber/Instagram influencer, Nikita Dragun. Nikita first joined YouTube in February of 2013 doing beauty videos. People were mainly attracted to her channel because she shared her story of being transgender and was seemingly relatable. Nikita refers to herself as “the mother of all draguns”, and uses her cosmetics to live out her fantasy. Even though her online store is still quite small, it seems to be doing very well selling out almost immediately after its release.

The full Dragun experience is priced at $105.00. That is a bit pricey for just an “iced out” egg that only contains two beauty items.  Nikita’s Dragun egg contains a “Dragunfire skin perfecting potion” and the “Dragunheart transformation face powder.” Of course, items can be sold separately and that can help reduce prices but even items are still pretty expensive.

Many people seem to be pleased with her cosmetics. Famous YouTubers such as Patrick Starr and Manny MUA have given her products positive reviews. “If you guys bought this product, I think you’d really really like them. I think Nikita and her team did an amazing job”-Manny Mua.

These products can be found at