Photo: Ricardo Aviles Sandpaper Editor

Photo: Ricardo Aviles Sandpaper Editor

Photo: Ricardo Aviles Sandpaper Editor

Cafeteria Food is it Healthy? and is it Worth Eating?

The school cafeteria is one of the few places where students can buy and or receive food depending on their family’s money situation, though some students prefer bringing their own lunch, and others don’t eat at all. The cafeteria food that is being served is part of a program that helps students get free lunch at school because some families don’t earn enough money to provide food for their children. The food that they serve helps keep kids fit and healthy by providing a variety of food. The food that the AVHS cafeteria serves contains protein, grains, vegetables, fruit and dairy which you get to choose white or chocolate milk.

     Some students agree with the food being healthy “From 1 to 10 it’s a 10 and it’s pretty healthy to start off the food it’s fresh you can see that it’s not spoiled” – Cristian Olivares. Other students think that the food from the cafeteria it’s not that good “Well there is not enough food variety I see it as the same food each time” – Daryl Dunning

     Another student that disagree with the cafeteria food being fresh and healthy said “From 1 to 10 it’s like a 7, well I mean it’s good but not great, I enjoy some of the foods but not all of them” – Myka Colquitt. Other students don’t really eat at the cafeteria they will only eat there depending on what the cafeteria is serving or others will get their lunch delivered to school “ I don’t really eat in the cafeteria I only eat there like once a month and It’s whatever they have the moments where it’s good” – Aliyah Young.

     The cafeteria is supposed to be one of the cleanest places on campus, most of the time in the morning it is very clean but at the end of the day it is very dirty and there’s food everywhere “Personally the cafeteria in the morning before snack and lunch is relatively clean, but after lunch and snack it is a big mess” – Ricardo Aviles, lots of students don’t pick up their mess or throw their trash away some don’t have integrity and will lie and say it wasn’t them.

    Antelope Valley students have different opinions on the cafeteria and their food. The cafeteria may not be the cleanest but with your help we can make it cleaner than it needs to be. It all depends on how we treat the school cafeteria. But at the end of the day when you’re hungry, you always go to them.

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