Behind The Cafeteria

When i first got the idea to write a story about the lunch ladies at AVHS I thought it was going to be a breeze. I thought that i was going to go in there and just hear about the food and the students making the cafeteria dirty right… WRONG. These lunch ladies overcome super disrespectful students, get threatened, cursed out, clean up super messes and still manage to come to work everyday and love their jobs.

          There are multiple lunch ladies at Avhs that live regular everyday lives just like you and me such as Sheryl Barry, Jeanette Coleman, Cheryl Billyzone, Cynthia Danforth, Karla Manchan, Catrina Williams, Ramona Roberts, Jessica Pulumbo and many more that go unnoticed. Some of these ladies have been working for years. Bea Parrish has been a lunch lady for 30 years and still loves her job. Asking Parrish questions like “Why do you like being a lunch lady?” she replied “I like being being around the kids”. That is truly remarkable how she has been doing this for so long and does not lose the love she has for students that passes threw her lines. She is also going for manager and with all of the experience she basically has the job.

          There was a lot of sweet women back there and they deserve all the respect they can get. Nicole Easterday who has been a lunch lady for 12 years does not let the disrespect get to her at all asking Easterday “How do you deal with the rude students” she replied “ I treat them nice and don’t let it get to me”……spoken like a real pro and she proceeded to say “ I love the students, I really love the students” after I asked “How do you feel about the students”.

          So there is a lot of love and passion that comes with this job and one of the ladies that stood out the most to me and i feel is full of it is Danielle Snyder she is kind of  and new to this whole lunch lady thing but that doesn’t make her love for the students any smaller .

          I asked Danielle “ How do you feel about these students” she said “ I have a passion for them i tell them get your education , go for your dreams and go for your goals” and she shouted  “ GO FOR IT!!! DON’T LET NOBODY DERAIL YOU!!!!”. She spoke about how she help at the Tarzana treatment center and kids as young as twelve are there. I asked her “ Do you have anything else you would like to say before i conclude this interview and she replied “ Be strong , Be who you’re and most importantly BE WHO YOU ARE.There are so many lunch ladies out here who goes uncared for and doesn’t get any attention so for the ones at avhs and all around the world you are important you play a big part in a small amount of time and for that you are great..

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