Photo Credit: Myka Colquitt

Photo Credit: Myka Colquitt

Photo Credit: Myka Colquitt

Pink Out Game

On October 20th, 2017 Antelope Valley held their Pink Out event for breast cancer awareness. Antelope Valley also had their last home game which caused senior night to fall on the same day as well. For the Pink Out event Mr. Pape and his ASB Club worked very hard on the posters and what was going to happen throughout the game for this event. Sports players every year in October wear pink to acknowledge the breast cancer survivors with pink, symbolizing the females defeating this popular disease. Football players wore pink bandannas, socks, shoes, sleeves, or beanies while playing football or during school. The students just wore whatever pink they could find at home.


          For our spirit week themes we had Kindness week the first day ASB put a banner up that said We “Heart” You. The second day was high five day, you give a high five to anyone. The third day was “you rock” day, you pass around a rock that said “You Rock” on it. The fourth day was compliment day, you give a sticky note shaped as a  heart on it that complimented someone. The final day which was the fifth day was pink day and that was when we wore pink either during school at the game or both. The ASB club worked super hard putting up and making posters throughout the whole week and made about 50 posters both for the pink out game and and for the senior night event.


          When the game was getting ready to start the wind was blowing and ASB moved all the posters in a more safer environment. The Student Section was filled with pink and screams for our Lopes going against the Pete Knight. It was a super cold night but no one cared because everyone wanted to support the team, the seniors, and the breast cancer survivors.


          Before the game started we had our annual senior night for our Antelope Valley Seniors. The Seniors were Malcolm Jackson #1, Devon Williams #2, Bradley Brown #10, Jacarrie Banks #12, Khaleel Bennett #14, Levy Jackson #15, Evan Gilbreath #16, Sammy Santiago #21, Jalen Perdue #22, Khalib Johns #24, Brian Lewis #28, Isaac Contreas #52, Jorge Molina #55, Marcus Warner #56, Travis Bugaren #57, Devin Lockwood #58, Quincy Ruiz #59, Jessie Vickers #65,and Juan Robles #90. Not only were the football players acknowledged the cheerleaders were too like out 2017 Homecoming Queen Destiny Escobar.


          After the senior night event the kick off began and soon enough the game was over we won 49 to 27 in favor of Devon Williams, Travis Bugaren, Marcus Warner, Jordan Jones, Jamaal Bell, and Caden Hinton. The game was so much fun and was a huge success. If you don’t want to miss out on any more events make sure to show up to our next game Versus LittleRock High School you don’t want to miss it. To get in for a cheaper price you can purchase an ASB card at the students store for $20.00.

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