In-N-out is the most popular american fast food place. In n out restaurants are primarily in the american southwest and pacific coast. It was founded in Baldwin park, California in 1948 by Harry Snyder and Esther Snyder. The in n out menu has 3 burgers hamburger, cheeseburger, and “Double-Double”.  This famous restaurant also has fountain drinks, 3 different kinds of milkshakes. In addition, their famous secret sauce is called “spread”. The restaurant has a secret menu that includes animal style fries and animal style burgers and other varieties you can choose from.


NONE OF IN-N-OUT’S FOOD IS FROZEN OR PRE-PACKAGE!!!! The restaurants burgers are freshly made just with everything else on the menu. A fact you probably didn’t know, most in-n-out’s have a pair of crossed palm trees out front because the founder got the idea from the film it’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World according to The restaurant prints Bible citations in small print on areas of packaging, on the outside of the in n out cup there is a print that states John 3:16. There’s even a in-n-out university, the university was established in 1984 and still going on today, at this university they are trained to manage and maintain an in n out restaurants.  


During lunch i went around asking students that attend avhs what is the best thing at in n out. Nelson P answered “the strawberry milkshakes because it’s better than mcdonalds and other places, in n outs milkshakes has more taste”. On the other hand, Janise P answered “ the double-double because it’s juicy and has lots of flavor, also their animal style fries”. Myka C. stated, “Everytime I go to In and Out, I order Combo #1, Double Double. I get it with NO PICKLES and the animal style sauce.” I also did a poll to see if in n out is the best burger in town, 27 people voted yes and 13 voted no.


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