Are Schools Forgetting About Black History Month?

March 8, 2018


Photo courtesy of Moreen Samson | Josie’Onna Jackson with Black History Month artworks of AVHS Art Students


Since the start of Black History Month this year I have begun to notice that my history teacher did not give a lecture or assignment about Black History. We’re half way through February and the most information I have gotten is one fact every morning on an announcement that not a lot of students (including me) listen to.


I wondered if other teachers were talking to their students about Black History so I interviewed six students, asking them a series of questions pertaining to Black History. When I asked them, if their teachers had informed them of African American History, only one of them had.


One of my interview questions was, “What is one way we can celebrate and inform students about Black History?” Some of the answers I received were things like, pep rallies, presentations, lectures, assignments, and workshops. I for one would like to see all of these amazing ideas come to life.


Is the lack of enthusiasm for this particular holiday, or does this school just not celebrate holidays? It seems most of the time we forget that Black History is American History. Black history and the part that not just African Americans but all people of color played in making America what it is, is just as important as everything else that makes America great.


It’s imperative that schools acknowledge that Black History is more than slavery and the Civil Rights Movement. Black history is the building of pyramids, the making of different races, and the ability to prevail no matter the circumstances. Black History is me and all of my peers of color and that is something to celebrate.

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