A portion of clubs offered in AVHS as listed on the school’s website

A portion of clubs offered in AVHS as listed on the school’s website

A portion of clubs offered in AVHS as listed on the school’s website

Join the club! Get involved in AVHS

May 22, 2018

For students at Antelope Valley High School, students either say their high school years are going by excruciatingly slow or goes by lightning fast. No matter what you think about your high school experience, you should make them memorable by joining clubs at AVHS.


AVHS extracurricular activities range from different categories that fit your likes or relate to what you want to be in the near future. AVHS have sports teams all year round from track, tennis, swimming and so on. If you’re not the sporty type, there are many other clubs that you can enjoy from, such as Journalism, Mathletes, Robotics, and many more.


Joining clubs can benefit you through earning a skill that you may not learn through classes in school. Although I was only a member for a short while, I was able to practice my public speaking by joining Mock Trial, a club in which you can experience what it is like to be a part of court trials. Aside from earning a skill and learning how court rulings function, I was able to meet new people and make friends with other AVHS students. It was also a good chance to be able to add my participation in clubs for college applications and for other future references.


Being involved in clubs or sports is also beneficial to the school community. According to Gustavo Valdovinos, a member of the Multicultural club, “we get the chance to interact with other students and spread awareness about other cultures.” Through clubs, students of AVHS can establish a closer relationship with each other than just being fellow students.


A memory, a funny story, a skill, a clearer path to determine your future, or a friend, no matter what you want, you might just get by being involved with the AVHS community. To inquire more about AVHS clubs and sports, visit the AVHS website and click on ‘Clubs’ under the ‘Activities’ tab or ‘Athletics.’

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