Black Stoneman Douglas Survivors Being Left Out of March for Our Lives Movement

May 23, 2018

Although it’s been a while since the mass shooting at Stoneman-Douglas High School the damage is still there, survivors are working hard to make sure nothing like this happens to anyone else. While trying to fix other schools have they forgot about their people at home?


Black Stoneman Douglas survivors are so proud of their peers for trying to make a difference, but they feel as though they are being left out. Their caucasian classmates are protesting gun control all over the country but are forgetting about the gun violence in their own home. Here at Antelope Valley High School most students don’t even know that the tragedy at Stoneman-Douglass occurred. Maximillan Jimenez-Medrano said, “I don’t even know what that is,” when questioned about the incident.


“It hurts because they  went all the way to chicago to hear these voices when we’re right here. We go to school with you everyday.” said Mei-Ling Ho-Shing a Black student who attends Stoneman Douglas. According to 4o percent of the school’s students are non-white 11 percent being Black the students who are representing the School are mostly non-Black.

It’s hard being a person of color in America. Most of the people you see on television are white and when you do see people who look like you, it’s often on Fox news with a reporter standing next to their deceased body saying they’d been shot over 20 times. No matter how much the people in this country say we’re equal certain people will always be less in their eyes.

It’s sad to see that even in the wake of mass tragedy people still can’t come together as one. There has always been a divide amongst the various races in our country and no matter how far we say we’ve come, in the end it always comes back to black and white.

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